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Holistics Software Pte Ltd Holistics Software Pte Ltd
75, Huynh Tinh Cua, Ward 8, District 3, Hochiminh City
Holistic is a data platform that allows analysts to deliver powerful analysis insights to end users. Our product has helped improved data productivities of technology companies across the region (Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, etc). Companies like Grab, Traveloka are our proud unicorn customers among other well-funded start-ups such as Tech In Asia,, ShopBack, KFIT, Aviasales, etc. In Vietnam, we have The Coffee House, OnOnPay among others as customers. We are growing rapidly and looking for a product engineer to join our team to help build and scale our data platform product. This position will be based in Ho Chi Minh City.
Quy mô: 10-24
Người liên hệ: Võ Thành Lộc

Tuyển dụng

Chức danh/Vi trí:

Fullstack Software Engineer

Mã việc làm:01
Số lượng tuyển:3
Lĩnh vực ngành nghề: - CNTT-Phần cứng / Mạng
- CNTT-Phần mềm
Địa điểm làm việc: - Tp.Hồ Chí Minh

Mô tả việc làm:
You’ll be working on all aspects of our product and platform: from front-end visualizations, implementing scalable, data-heavy features, helping customers with their complex SQL, to managing our servers that processed thousands of heavy jobs every day.

Interesting Engineering Projects

- Zero-downtime deployment for long-running background jobs
- Writing a database abstraction layer to interface with different database technologies at once: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redshift, BigQuery, Presto
- Implement alert monitoring system using statistical algorithms
- ETL customer’s data from MongoDB to relational DBs with minimal overhead.
- Parsing SQL into an AST (abstract syntax tree) to understand semantics and suggest optimizations
- Build a sandboxed environment to execute arbitrary Python code that still ensures security
Kĩ năng tối thiểu:- Decent communications/English skills

- Strong problem solving (most important); experiences with software/web development

-bSome experiences with Rails, Ruby, PostgreSQL, Redis, SQLs, AngularJS, ES6
- Both senior and junior positions are welcome

- Problem Solving: You don’t just write code based on requirements, you debate the requirements with us.

- Coding: You write good code, you’ve written code that handles a lot of loads, and you enjoy optimizing and refactoring your code to make it faster

- Culture & Mindset: You’re a team player; you understand how it’s like working for a startup – doing anything and everything needed (from writing blog posts, to help customers with their data problem)

- Tech Stack: we use Ruby, PostgreSQL, Redis, AngularJS, ES6 and a lot of SQLs. It’s great if you know these, but it’s not a big deal. We’re confident you’ll pick these up quickly on the job.

Basically, you will not just implement features based on a task list. We need your original ideas, creativity, and critical thinking skills to help us build a great data platform.
Trình độ tối thiểu: Đại học
Kinh nghiệm yêu cầu: Kinh Nghiệm 1 năm
Yêu cầu giới tính:Nam/Nữ
Hình thức làm việc:Nhân viên chính thức
Mức lương: Trên 8 triệu
Thời gian thử việc:1 tháng
Các chế độ khác: - Salary: 15-30 millions / month

- Company Shares (Stock Options) for High-contributing Individuals.

- Great Working Environment

- Leave for 12 days/year

- Overall Healthy Insurance by BaoViet Company

- Happy Hour: Friday/week

- Participate in TEDtalk for enhance experiences and IT knowledge

Yêu cầu hồ sơ:
- Please email your resume and a short introduction about yourself to us at Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further interviews.

- Our HR department will contact you in the shortest time if your CV achieved our requirements.

- Contact: Mr.Vo Thanh Loc - phone number: 01674575320 for more detailed.

In order understand our product please access our website:

Please access website: to see detailed Job Description
Hạn nộp hồ sơ:30-11-2017

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